Welcome to Environment Next!

I am pleased to announce this is our first blog post from Environment Next representing a new chapter of the nonprofit, formerly named Carbonfund.org Foundation.  After careful evaluation of the climate crisis and how we can best utilize our resources for greatest impact, Carbonfund.org Foundation decided to update our mission and rebrand the foundation as Environment Next. Our tax ID remains the same. We are determined to significantly enhance our contributions to the planet, focusing on creating a major impact on climate leadership, climate outreach, and climate grantmaking and investments for innovative climate projects, organizations, and individuals. Environment Next’s areas of focus include:

·  Climate Leadership – supporting the ideas of global leaders and their work creating and implementing innovative solutions to climate change; providing the technical, policy, programmatic, and implementation advisory services; and assisting with complex financial analysis, investment options, and fundraising. 

·  Climate Outreach – promoting ideas and best practices by networking globally and facilitating communications, connections, and partnerships among senior-level climate leaders – individuals, businesses, governments, and nonprofits.

·  Climate Grants and Investments – providing grants, debt and equity financing to organizations making a positive impact on climate change and who are determined to continue their work well into the future, across borders and at greater scale to maximize their climate impact.

We are so proud of everything we have done together as Carbonfund.org Foundation. We supported over 260 carbon offset projects across 30 countries and 43 states, mitigating over 47 billion pounds of emissions and planting close to 2 million trees around the world.  And we are extremely excited about our new focus as Environment Next and its ability to have an even greater impact than we have over the past 19 years of service to our planet and donors.  

As we shift away from carbon offsets and tree plantings, your contributions will now support our new climate mission and activities, notably grants and investments, leadership, and outreach.  We very much appreciate the support of our partners and donors and greatly look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on our high-impact climate initiatives with Environment Next.